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Engineering & Design

Custom Designs for Your Ideas

The Process

  • Work wih you to fully understand your needs

  • Finalize your design, propose changes or in some cases propose new designs

  • Designs typically turned around in 5 days or less

  • Final designs, on approval, are then moved to the prototype stage

  • Samples are formed for approval or in some cases 3D parts are printed as proof of concept

  • With apporval we move to production tooling and schedule manufacturing

  • At K+K you always own the tool






K+K can provide custom designs to fit any retail or consumer packaging need.  Your product can be displayed securely and clearly, incorporating any cards or labelling.  Logos can be custom embossed or engraved right into your package, adding an extra layer of depth to your product’s shelf presence.


  • Showcase all the best features of your product with custom designs

    • Contoured face-seal blisters

    • Hinged and re-closable clamshells

    • A-Frames

    • Product display stands

  • Secure sealing to keep your product safe from pilferage or damage

    • Blisters sealed to cards

    • Clamshells or A-Frames designed for RF or heat welding

    • Packages can be designed with limited impact resistance for an added layer of safety to your product in transit



We have designed parts for countless industrial applications. From life science to automotive suppliers, K+K parts can function in any type of manufacturing environment. Handling trays can follow your product throughout your plant, and be custom designed to your equipment. 


  • Various manufacturing applications

    • Work In Progress(WIP)/Handling Trays

    • Shipping Trays

    • Travelling inspection trays/fixtures

  • Custom matched to automated processes

    • Robotically populated parts

    • Automatic in-line visual inspection


Protective Packaging

We understand the importance of keeping your product safe.  Our custom design experience ranges from small delicate electronic or fiber optic assemblies to 60lb+ shop machines.  Heavier-gauge cushions can be designed to take impact from drops or rough handling, or enclosed clamshells designed to cradle your delicate assemblies.


  • Impact applications

    • Impact cushions designed to pass ISTA 17-point drop tests and UPS shipping tests

    • Can replace foam or molded pulp with fewer particulate contamination

    • Easily nested in neat stacks for smaller warehouse footprint

    • Requires less assembly time than corrugated inserts

    • Incorporated as a total protective system, can complement corrugated and foam solutions

  • Protecting sensitive components

    • Designs can be tailored to hold small components

    • Custom design to allow clearance around sensitive areas

    • Antistatic and ESD-safe material available

    • Class 100,000 clean room available for

Concept, Drawings and Prototyping

Custom Concepts and Drawings

Our design team can produce fully fleshed-out concept designs and drawings in a matter of days, tailored specifically to meet your needs and optimized for our production processes.  Beginning with a sample or drawing of your product, or simply an idea, the K+K design team can work with you to design whatever type of thermoformed part you require. 



K+K provides multiple avenues to provide you with a physical sample of your design in a timely fashion.  Within 5 or 6 business days K+K can deliver prototype pieces for review and testing.


Single Cavity Prototype Mold

Before cutting any aluminum production tool, we always advises a short run of sample pieces from a prototype mold.  our tool vendors use SolidWorks files from the K+K design team to machine a single-cavity mold, then use the same files to manufacture full production tooling. 

Prototype molds can be machined from polyurethane resin or aluminum, each with its own advantages or disadvantages. K+K’s design team will work with you to determine which best suits your needs.


3D Printed Prototypes

For even shorter lead times and lower overall cost, we can also provide 3D printed prototypes approximating your thermoformed part.  Using our 3D Systems CubePro 3D printer, sample pieces can be printed from PLA, ABS, or Nylon, in layers down to 70 microns (.003in).  Parts up to 10” x 8” can be printed, and are generally delivered within 3-4 days.  The resolution of the printer does not allow a printed part to replace a prototype mold, but can provide a quick proof-of-concept before committing to a more expensive form of prototype.  K+K can also print an engineering sample of your product to test with your thermoformed pieces.

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