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Laser Cutting Steel


  • Why choose thermoforming over injection molding?
    Thermoforming has a much lower initial tooling cost and development cycle than injection molding. With thermoforming, prototyping through tooling and production have a much shorter lead time and can be completed in a few weeks. While injection molding can achieve tighter tolerances, thermoforming tends to be more competitive in terms of cost and time for lower volume runs.
  • What type of plastics does K & K work with?
    K & K specializes in thin-sheet thermoforming, meaning our raw material comes in a roll form with a starting thickness of .0075" to .125". We process semi-rigid materials such as PVC, PET, HIPS, PE, and PP. In addition, we can source more specialized materials to meet your requirements that are ESD-safe, FDA-compliant, or sustainable (PCR, PLA, etc.).
  • My product is fragile and has sensitive components, can K & K provide a secure package that will keep my product safe?
    K & K has extensive experience in the medical, electronic, and fiber optic industries and have created custom designs to secure any number of items while providing ample clearance and impact resistance for sensitive components. We can produce packaging with materials that provide anti-static (ESD) protection, as well as manufacture any parts in our Class 100,000 clean room.
  • I currently use foam or molded pulp to provide my product with impact resistance during shipping, can K & K thermoforms provide the same protection?
    K & K has designed a wide range of parts to work as a total packaging solution for shipping large or heavy components. Our parts have performed the same or better than foam, molded pulp, and corrugated supports in 17-point drop tests and standard UPS ship teats. In addition, our formed pads and cushions have saved our customers valuable inventory space as they easily nest together prior to use and have proven to increase product fulfillment speed due to their relative ease of use.
  • Can K & K produce parts that are safe for food contact?
    Every type of raw material we work with this available in FDA grades. For even more stringent requirements, we can produce any part in our mobile class 100,000 clean room.
  • What is the lead time for concept designs?
    Lead time of designs depends heavily on the complexity and requirements of the design. From the date of inception, most concept drawings are submitted for review within 3 business days. Modifications and revisions to the design can be accomplished within 2-3 business days based on any feedback received.
  • What is the lead time for prototypes?
    Upon design approval, prototype parts are typically ready within 10 business days from receipt of purchase order for the prototype mold. For a shorter lead time, we may be able to 3D print the part within 3 - 4 days. Please note that this is to provide a quick proof-of-concept and does not replace the prototype mold due to the resolution of the 3D printer.
  • What tolerances can K & K hold?
  • My product is processed in an automated system, can K & K provide a compatible design?
    K & K has extensive experience designing thermoformed pieces for automated systems. We have designed pieces to be used in automatic packing systems, inspection in automated vision systems, and robotically-populated handling trays. In addition, we have designed secure shipping packages that also function as inspection and installation fixtures.
  • My product moves through many stages within our production facility and needs to be transported securely. Can K & K provide a design that will hold up in a manufacturing environment?
    Yes, our handling trays can be made durable enough to withstand being reused and transported through internal processes as well as color-coded or designed to work with multiple configurations of similar components.
  • What is fulfillment?
    At K & K we offer fulfillment/contract packaging services to streamline your production process. This service includes packaging your product inside the produced package, adding inserts, sealing the package, and more!
  • Can K & K package my product even if we don't use a package produced by K & K?
    Yes, at K & K we are happy to provide fulfillment services as needed. Please contact us to discuss your project in further detail.
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