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New From K+K

Custom Plant Shipping Trays

While K+K continues to successfully design and form made to order parts, we are now developing an off the shelf product line geared towards specific industries.  Our initial emphasis is on a line of shipping trays for the plant and nursery industry. 

 After speaking and working with many on-line retailers we found that there was a need for shipping trays that address many problems.  Some of these are:

  • Keeping the plant secure during shipping

  • Keeping the soil in the pot

  • Maintaining a good moisture level during shipping

  • The tray must be able to handle a wide array of plants –  perennials to grasses and succulents

  • Shipping tray must be able to accommodate plants of varying height and pot dimensions

  • Shipping tray should not wick water away from the plant

  • Shipping tray should not deconstruct when in the presence of moisture

  • The tray must be easy to use and be labor saving.  In other words, easy to pack.

  • The tray must be Eco-friendly, be made from recycled plastic and be recyclable

  • The tray must be affordable


The K+K plant tray family addresses all of the above while maintaining our positioning as a green company

  • Our unique designs make packing a snap and ensures that the plants are firmly supported in shipping, with minimal disruption of soil

  • Our trays readily supports all types of plants -short, tall, narrow or wide at the neck

  • Because our trays are made of Recycled Plastic and not cardboard, the moisture stays with the plant not the packing material

  • Our trays are made from recyclable PET and are clearly marked "Please Recycle"

  • The green tint in our plastic makes your plants "pop", ensuring your customers have a very positive first impression

Please contact us to learn more, request samples or to discuss your particular packing/shipping requirements

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