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K+K continues to successfully design and form parts for a wide range of industries including, but not limited to; electronics, peripherals and printed circuits, medical devices, consumer products, cosmetics, automotive, aerospace, plant and nursery and food manufacturers.  Our success lies in our dedication to detail and our commitment to investing in and using the latest technologies and equipment to meet those needs.


The K+K Thermoforming team, utilizing the latest version of SolidWorks  design software, can take your physical model or 3D drawing and create a package or protective end cap that will not only exceed your expectations, but also meet your required drop test specifications.


Working with a wide range of ESD safe materials ensures our partners that we have the right material for their job:

Medical Packaging

K+K Thermoforming is proud of its clean room medical division. Our team includes experienced designers utilizing the latest versions of Solid Works to meet the myriad challenges of medical and laboratory packaging.


We work closely with our customers during the entire process from concept to consumer ready part and are prepared to assit with minor modifications or major changes to the packaging.


K+K Thermoforming can work with a wide range of medical grade materials. We’ll help you determine and source your lidding options as well as package sterilization. K+K also offers in-house package fulfillment and sealing.

Custom Electronics

Our ISO 9001:2015 Class 8 clean room certifications ensure peace of mind for the following processes:


  •  Thermoforming

  •  Off-line die-cutting

  •  Assembly

  •  RF welding

  •  Prototyping


K+K Thermoforming understands the unique needs of electronics industry packaging. We excel at building trays from anti-static materials, that function in an automated atmosphere, are experienced drawing to depths that exceed 5" and routinely form materials between .0075" — .125" thick.


You can rely on K+K Thermoforming's knowledgeable and experienced team to effectively handle all packaging requirements for your sensitive electronics products. 

Food Industry

Our stringent cleanliness guidelines, clean room work and strict quality control standards make K+K Thermoforming an ideal choice for your consumer food packaging requirements.

Our facility features direct contact heat, trim-in-place equipment with robotic stacking capabilities. We are proud to be one of the few Thermoformers who can design and manufacture your custom food packages, as well as satisfy any stock container need. Utilizing the latest version of Solid Works, our team can take your physical model or 3D drawing and create a package that will exceed your expectations and meet your cost criteria.


K+K Thermoforming works with a wide range of FDA Certified and FDA Compliant materials. We also work with several FDA approved recycled content films, as well as PLA.

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